We are FJ, a smart & kick ass video production agency in Amsterdam.

We believe that reaching people is about being relevant & engaging.

Nobody is going to watch your videos just because you want them to. So what do you do? You think mobile first and use data to create the optimum customer journey. Then you use the power of video. Not to tell people, but to make them feel. We call this the magic combination of SMART ASS and KICK ASS. Aka data driven strategy combined with top notch creative.


Current projects

Meet the FJ Minds

Jasper Bruijns

Director of Photography

Fabian Fraikin

Video Marketing Strategist & Co-Founder

Jasper Fraikin

Video Marketing Strategist & Co-Founder

Christian de Ruiter

Video Marketeer

Sean den Heijer

Motion Graphic Designer

Lemuël de Graav

Intern AV

Marten Meijboom


Maren Gedenk

Creative Producer