Bluebiz – KLM’s business savings program

  • Increase the conversion within the current e-mail marketing strategy
  • Personalised and interactive video content
  • Developing an online accountmanager
  • Relevant and helpful video content within the customer journey
  • Use of animation for explanation
  • A personal experience
  • Extended sessions on the website
  • Higher conversion rates

KLM reached out to us for developing a new video marketing strategy for their business savings program: Bluebiz. The goal of this project was to increase the conversion within the current e-mail marketing strategy of the Bluebiz program. Existing customers must be activated to use their Blue Credits.


The frequent flying business owner who is already signed up to the Bluebiz savings program is our target audience. They like to travel with comfort and save on their travel expenses. Business trips made through KLM, Air France or other participating partners can be used for saving valuable Bluebiz Credits.

The target audience is currently in the loyalty fase of the customer journey, but not using their saved Bluebiz Credits enough. By providing relevant assistance at the right times, existing customers will be activated to use their Blue Credits. The customer will be approached in a helpful and personal way through e-mail marketing.

In order to achieve the goal of higher conversion rates within the current e-mail marketing strategy, we have developed a virtual account manager: Anna. Anna speaks to the customer (in the desired language) through a personalised video supported by 2D animation. At any relevant moment within the customer journey, contact will be made and the customer will be reminded of his or her Bluebiz Credits and advised on how to use them in a helpful way.

Due to the personal and helpful effort, the video will be very subtle and not disturbing at all. This will promote the viewers’ loyalty and decision making ability.


The duration of the sessions on the website has increased since the release of this video marketing campaign. The conversion rate climbed to 74% because of the improved calls to action and the overall experience within the Bluebiz program has become more personal. This is visible in the results and thanks to the success of this campaign, KLM decided to use more personalised video marketing in the future.

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