Our Story

We are an Amsterdam based creative video marketing agency. We create long term video marketing strategies for brands and businesses. Our mission is to make smarter videos for an increasingly discerning viewer.

Everyday we strive to meet that viewer’s demands. We succeed in two ways: by courting his intelligence, and by providing continuity. Structural video content. “One video is no video!” – if FJ was to be captured in one core principle, it would be that, Fabian’s personal credo. It well conveys the mission Fabian and Jasper have set out for themselves. To elevate the role of video in marketing, to conquer the world with the video customer journey and to be first to embrace the future.

To respect today’s viewer’s intelligence, by only contracting his attention when the content is relevant to him. Smart videos, that balance the entertaining with the informative, the playful with the concise. That activate, and keep activating the set target audience. To provide relevant video content with every fase the potential customer goes through – from first encounter with product or service, to end usage.

All necessary production and marketing disciplines under one roof – strategist, creative, production, videographer, animator and video marketeer – we are capable to adopt whole marketing strategies. We challenge our clients to make video the absolute center of their strategy. In this way we help audacious clients yield long term results, be it reach, view count, viewer loyalty, view duration, click through rate or conversation percentage.

FJ was founded in 2010 by two brothers who believe in the potential of online video. Our talented young team has been working on scoring concepts ever since. With indefatigable faith in structural video content, we focus on the strategies of the businesses and brands we work for. From Amsterdam and Alphen aan den Rijn we develop our vision on video.